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    You can buy a per-site license or an unlimited license that lets you use an Add-on on unlimited sites.

    Plugins allow you to extend and enhance CMS Builder
    Single Use: £129.95 | Unlimited Use: £329.95

    Outgoing SMS v1.01 (updated Dec 29, 2010) Sends text messages to cell phones, either immediately or via a queue for bulk messaging. Uses an SMS gateway.
    Single Use: £129.95 | Unlimited Use: £329.95

    Geocoder v1.00 (updated Nov 29, 2010) Automatically geocodes addresses in databases or form input, shows maps with single or multiple markers, and supports searching and sorting by distance. Uses the Google Maps API.
    Single Use: £24.95 | Unlimited Use: £39.95

    Spambot Email Protector v2.00 (updated Nov 3, 2010) Automatically encodes email addresses in viewer pages to protect them from spambots and email harvesters.
    Single Use: £94.99 | Unlimited Use: £289.99

    Create PDF v1.01 (updated Oct 11, 2010) Build PDF's on the fly. With the easy-to-use developer functions, you can automate PDF generation from web pages, html code and even remote urls.
    Single Use: £39.95 | Unlimited Use: £94.99

    Website Membership v1.03 (updated Sep 23, 2010) Website membership functions for user sign-up, password reminder, login, edit your profile, user specific content, and login only content.
    Single Use: £94.99 | Unlimited Use: £289.99

    CSV Export v1.04 (updated Oct 8, 2010) Easily export your CMS Builder data so it can be edited or manipulated by any other program that supports the standard CSV data format, such as Microsoft Excel.
    Single Use: £49.95 | Unlimited Use: £129.95

    Twitter Post v2.03 (updated Sep 16, 2010) A useful plugin that creates a simple integration between your CMS Builder and your Twitter account
    Single Use: £59.95 | Unlimited Use: £89.95

    Auto Backup v1.02 (updated Jul 28, 2010) Automatically create hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly MySQL database backups, maintain historical database "snapshots" that you can restore from if needed, and even automatically email backups offsite..
    Single Use: £148.95 | Unlimited Use: £349.99

    Download Mail v1.01 (updated Apr 23, 2010) Automatically download mail from any email account right into your CMS. Supports text, html, and even file attachments. Add an incoming email gateway to your application for: ticketing systems, posting articles by email, receiving file attachments, etc.
    Single Use: £79.95 | Unlimited Use: £239.99

    Website Favorites v1.00 (updated Jan 20, 2010) Include "Add to Favorites" and "My Favorites" features on your website so users can save records to their profile for later viewing. This plugin can also be used for: Product Wishlist, Who's Viewed Me, Wink/Wave, Block Users, and more.
    Single Use: £69.95 | Unlimited Use: £194.95

    Website Saved Searches v1.00 (updated Jan 20, 2010) Include "Save Search" and "My Saved Searches" features on your website so users can name and save their searches to their profile for later viewing.
    Single Use: £19.95 | Unlimited Use: £39.95

    Low Disk Space Alert v1.00 (updated Sep 24, 2009) Notifies you by email the moment your server's disk space falls below a certain threshold, allowing you to avoid a multitude of potential problems.
    Single Use: £19.95 | Unlimited Use: £39.95

    Templates are pre-designed web pages or sites that work with CMS Builder. You can use them as-is or as a starting point to save you time when building websites.
    Single Use: £97.50 | Unlimited Use: £294.99

    Instant Website v1.00 (updated Sep 13, 2010) Launch a website in minutes. No code editing required. Your end-user can change everything from the website title, style (choose from 5), page and page structure all through the CMS. Includes: Unlimited pages, photo gallery and lightbox, file attachments, social media links, and much more.
    Single Use: £19.95 | Unlimited Use: £49.95

    Basic Realty v1.00 (updated Oct 13, 2009) Your very own turnkey real estate website set up in minutes. (Formerly Instant Realty Website)
    Single Use: £19.95 | Unlimited Use: £49.95

    Basic Auto v1.00 (updated Oct 13, 2009) Create your very own website for showcasing vehicle listings. (Formerly Instant Auto Website)
    Single Use: £19.95 | Unlimited Use: £49.95

    Basic Listings v1.00 (updated Oct 13, 2009) Quickly and easily set up a website for posting classified ads of any type. (Formerly Instant Listings Website)
    Single Use: £19.95 | Unlimited Use: £49.95

  • Flick Property Portal is very secure. All passwords are stored & encrypted in a way that makes it impossible to guess the original password, even if an attacker has access to the database!
    Flick Property Portal is fast,
    very fast. Thanks to the
    optimized code, page loads
    are much quicker than other
    CMS systems around.

    Don't like the default design? No problem, the theme system is so easy to understand that everybody with basic XHTML/CSS knowledge can create kickass designs for the site.
    Flick Property Portal does not assume everyone speaks English. It has full support for up to 5 languages.

    Flick Property Portal's admin panel isn't cluttered with options and menus. Confusing options and settings don't obscure the tools you need to fully manage your content.