5 SEO Rules for Your SEO Strategy

5 SEO Rules for Your SEO Strategy

When you own a business website, you cannot rule out SEO from your marketing plan. SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most powerful digital marketing practices to drive targeted traffic to your business website. It helps you boost the search engine visibility of your web pages for targeted keywords to attract an audience that matters most to your business in revenue generation. SEO lets your potential customers find your business online; who are searching for products/services similar to yours.

When you look to implement SEO on your website, you need to be very accurate and effective with your strategies for the overall performance. From keyword planning to link structure, website design, page title, and content, everything matters to achieve top ranking in search results. Every ranking parameter must be well-optimized to get the most out of your SEO strategy and effort. Here’re the 5 SEO rules that every SEO planner should keep in mind to achieve the best results:

  1. Target low volume keywords 

When you plan SEO for each of your web pages, don’t chase high-competitive keywords with high search volume. To achieve positive results in quick time, search for low-volume keywords and focus your strategy on them to rank your web pages. Low-volume keywords are easy to rank, and you can drive targeted traffic to your website easily and quickly.

  1. Publish unique content

Content is the king when it comes to planning your SEO strategy. Google asks web owners to create and publish unique content for the best user experience and value on the internet. Content optimization is the most powerful ranking factor, and you cannot ignore it. Google ranks web pages with unique, quality, and informative content on the top for a greater user experience through search engine results.

  1. Avoid low-quality links

External and internal linking to your website plays a crucial role in your search engine ranking. Linking to your website is as important as publishing unique content. Bad linking can negatively affect your SEO score and that will result in poor ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs). Always focus on high-quality links and avoid low-quality and penalized links on your website.

  1. Monitor your website for responsiveness and load time

Responsiveness and page load time of your website is key factors when it comes to SEO optimization. They provide a great user experience which helps you achieve top ranking in Google and other search engines. Make sure to monitor these ranking factors for the best results.

  1. Update your website regularly

It is very important to keep your website updated by publishing and updating content to send positive signals to search engine bots. Make sure to follow all the rules and guidelines for content as per search engine algorithms to meet search engine criteria.

These are the top five basic SEO rules that every SEO planner must follow while implementing SEO practices. These are the key elements of any SEO strategy to achieve the best results. At Flick Media, we are a professional SEO company in Essex and help businesses of all sizes and types plan their SEO strategies. Contact us to discuss your SEO goals and business requirements to create a customized SEO plan.

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