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Flick Media Extras

Jazz up your online presence with our additional services that will make your business more crisp, outstanding, efficient and faster than your peers.

Choose from a variety of hot services catered by us to make your business more virtually manageable, approachable and attractive for your customers. Fill out a quotation form to discuss your requirements and budget with our team, or contact us directly via email/phone. We love assisting our customers in gaining the best of what they deserve when it comes to online business solutions.


Online Product Merchandizing

The key to good retail experience is a considerable amount of product merchandising. You must always look to make the product more attractive by making use of catchy titles, sharp fonts and images, as well as a vivid detail of the product specifications and features.

Some of the positive steps include the following:

  • Uploading the product on an online store and keep it updated.
  • Adding different sized images that may be required by the website.
  • Adding watermarks where necessary.
  • Adding attributes to all products.
  • Deleting any outdated products/images.

Product Image Customization

Choosing the right background is pivotal, and for most E-commerce websites, a white background is usually preferred. The background usually needs to be either white or transparent, and in order to meet the marketplace compliance, the image needs to be re sized and moved according to the requirements. Flick Media is an excellent choice for customizing your images according to your needs. Some of the many services that Flick Media offers are below:

  • Altering the background color
  • Removing unwanted images from background
  • Enhancing contrast/ removing blemishes
  • Removing/adding watermarks
  • Enhancing brightness
  • Converting and delivering images in any format e.g. jpg, png, bitmap, etc

Content Writing Services

Creation of a good website does not only rely on sharp images and good animations/effects, but it also needs a considerable amount of information if the user expects to gain a large audience and sell products. Having the optimal amount of SEO information is very crucial for an E commerce website. As the world now concerns more on the detail and information, simple images with minimal content are no longer sufficient. For this very reason, our services are here to help those who struggle to add updated, catchy and professional content to their websites.

Data Transfer and Synchronization

If you happen to face trouble while transferring your images and important web content from your old website to your new one, then Flick Media is the best choice to help you do exactly that. We also offer data synchronization services, which include product images, attributes, stocks etc. All you need to do is send us the product CSV file, and we will handle the rest.
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Full Site Management

Managing a website can be tedious, especially when you have other businesses to attend to. Fortunately, Flick Media is here to help.

We offer full site management services, where our team of experts would keep your website stay up to date, while keeping it search engine friendly, and all you need to do is sit back and relax. Some of the services we offer in the field include:

  • Website upgrading
  • Regular security patches
  • Uploading products
  • Re sizing images
  • Attribute creation

Banner Design

Flick Media also offers special banner designing services for special offers on occasions such as mother’s day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. We also offer special newsletter creation services, which are not only attractive, but would also help you increase profits and maximize readership.


Domain Hosting and Email Address

Flick Media also offers a 3-in-1 package that covers hosting, domains and emails. From creation and hosting of domain to the creation of the perfect email address suitable to your needs, Flick Media helps you be the best in the business, both online and offline.

Facebook Business Page

Apart from websites, Flick Media also offers clients the option of creating their own Facebook business page. We not only create the page, but also help promote it, add latest offers, upload your products, and more, all at a fraction of the cost. Join us and let us help you take your business to the next level.


Flyers Design

No business is complete without flyers. Allow us to create a flyer that is perfect for your needs. From the creation of unique designs for each business to the finishing and paper quality, Flick Media takes intensive care with all details before delivering the perfect product that meets your satisfaction.

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